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Calling outside regular hours? You’re encouraged to EMAIL us:

 There are now less than 70 Christian bookstores in Canada. We are one of them. If it’s been a long time since you shopped a store like ours, come and stroll through a memory lane of great resources, plus new things you haven’t seen before.

The hours below are accurate. If the line is busy (or you get what sounds like the fax machine we don’t actually own) please keep calling. Trust our website for hours; Google is simply not always accurate.

Upcoming Hours

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 10:30 – 3:30
Wednesday – 10:30 – 3:30
Thursday – 10:30 – 3:30
Friday – 10:30 – 3:30
Saturday – 10:30 – 3:30
but we’ll stay a ½ hour later if you call us, or come in ½ hour earlier if you set it up ahead of time.

Remember, email is constantly monitored even when the store is closed. 

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WELCOME to Searchlight Christian Resources. We’re located at 884 Division Street in Cobourg (a town about halfway between Oshawa and Belleville) just 2 minutes (three quick traffic lights) south of the 401. Our store is a full service Christian Bookstore, that is, we carry everything the big stores have, maybe just not so many copies. We’ve been 26¾ years in Cobourg, but the business history of Searchlight goes back another 20 years before that.

We’re also a Christian book outlet store. Many of the books we receive are red-tagged bargain books, consisting of a mixture of publisher overstock and remainders. To make the deal even sweeter on those red-tagged titles, we offer an instant rewards program of Buy-4-Get-1-Free (lowest price items in each grouping of five drops out.)

What to expect: Cobourg is a small town which makes us a small town store. Two aisles at the front, three in the middle and one at the back. However, our store is packed with Bibles — over 1,000 in stock — and books. Specialty areas include fiction, family life, apologetics, classic writing, academic, prayer, children’s picture books; and we also have giftware, DVDs, greeting cards, boxed cards and various styles of Christian music on CD. And jigsaw puzzles you’ve never seen anywhere else. The products seen when you click the tabs below are simply a random, representative sample of what we carry.  


From a short-list of about a dozen assorted Bibles from Tyndale House and NavPress, we purchased case lots of two which we felt would most resonate with Searchlight Customers. These Bibles have arrived! Have a look:

The first one is this Life Application Bible – Third Edition – in the New Living Translation (NLT) in two-tone brown. Reg. $99.99; sale $79.99. (That’s 20% off!)  Book introductions, embedded maps, charts and diagrams, 207 character studies, and more!

The second of the two specials is, as Christmas approaches, a great gift idea for someone who might be overwhelmed by the wording in a regular Bible. The Message Slimline Bible in saddle tan and brown retails for $53.99, and for the first week after they arrive (probably this Friday) our price will be $26.99 or 50% off. We’ve purchased a case of these, but they are already selling fast.

Not surprisingly, these books on Queen Elizabeth II are quite popular, but we’re taking orders on the book by Dudley Delffs, while the children’s book is now back in stock.

Ongoing media discounts

We’re slowly scaling back our media department as people switch to other formats.

This week we’ve added Gateway Worship to CDs to our list of extra-special discounts — 30% off


22% off all our DVDs including drama, teaching, small group study, etc.

Be sure to mention these website and newsletter offers as in-store signage is not always up to date.

Does not include items marked ‘net.’

The Orange Price tags are here!

With our fiction titles, watch for these stickers on the outside spines of the books.

140 titles reduced $3.99 – $6.99.

Also, titles in our women’s section, prayer, parenting, and biography section.

In-store shopping:

  • Face mask now optional
  • Hand sanitizer available on entry
  • Continue to practice social distancing of 2m or 6ft
  • If you are in contact with someone who is self-isolating, please postpone your visit to another day

We’re also permanently offering curbside pickup:

  • Call ahead (905 372 5519) to order or confirm availability
  • When you get to the store, call again from the parking lot.
  • If you haven’t called ahead, but are looking for something you’re fairly sure is in-stock, you can eliminate the call ahead step, but be patient if someone else is waiting.
  • Parking lot (curbside) pickup should only be VISA and MasterCard sales or e-transfer. There are no debit sales available with curbside option.
  • For curbside, it’s usually books, Bibles and CDs only.

► If you would like the current edition of Our Daily Bread included in your pickup, please let us know when ordering. Regular and large print available. Free.

In general:

  • Donations to Christian Salvage Mission (used Christian books) larger than three medium-size boxes should be pre-arranged.

PHONE: Give us a call at 905 372 5519 during business hours and we’ll tell you more. Out of area call us at 800 210 5661.

For those who came looking for directions to the bookstore, or were re-directed from here’s a map showing where we are at 884 Division Street (on the east side) in Cobourg. We’re at the front of the building.

Taking the 401? From points west (Port Hope, Bowmanville, Oshawa, etc.) take exit 474-A. From the east (Brighton, Trenton, Belleville, Kingston, etc.) take exit 474 and turn left. Baltimore road becomes Division Street. The blue line on the map below is Highway 401.

Google and Facebook almost have the pin in the right place, we’re actually at the front of the building

GPS = 78.1727202,43.9758635,0

3 traffic lights south of westbound 401; 3 traffic lights south of eastbound 401; on left side: 884 Division Street, Unit 102, Cobourg K9A 5V3   Note to website readers in the GTA: Cobourg is about 70 minutes east of the DVP/404 and Highway 401. Searchlight offers more maps per website than any other bookstore.

Cobourg Ontario

Limited handicapped access due to the building design; ramp at north end of sidewalk then please knock on the front window for assistance.

For up to date store info visit us on Facebook
if you’re not on Facebook, click “Not Now” when prompted to login


 For featured offers, use the tabs below. Remember, this is a non-transactional, non-searchable website; if you don’t see what you’re looking for please phone 905 372 5519 or email

Bestselling books from your community:
See what your friends are reading.

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Now available in-store.

A great resource to give someone who is deconstructing their faith. In-stock now.

A must-read for Christians, similar to the story contained in The Diary of Anne Frank.
35th Anniversary Edition; reg. $19.50; sale $12.99

New to the area and interested in local churches? Visit our Local Church Directory. If you have questions, drop by the store and ask! 

Get the fast facts in a bullet-point world. Rose Publishing pamphlets. The list price is $6.75, but we’re holding ours at $5.99 for a few more weeks. These laminated pamphlets are a great way to learn about various topics in a various short time.

Update: Rose appears to be discontinuing a number of these, so purchase favourites while you still are able.

The First Nations Version (FNV) recounts the Creator’s Story—the Christian Scriptures—following the tradition of Native storytellers’ oral cultures. While remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament, the FNV is a dynamic equivalence translation that captures the simplicity, clarity, and beauty of Native storytellers in English.

This New Testament is available in paperback (upper image) and in hardcover (lower image) at Canadian list prices of $25.99 and $46.99 respectively, with an in-store price for the hardcover at $42.99.

With First Nations communities nearby in Alderville, Curve Lake and Deseronto, we feel this will be an important resource in our area.

Our ongoing charity project

We need your help in creating awareness for an ongoing fundraising project to benefit the Welcome Home Children’s Centre, located 2 hours north of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as they earnestly desire to launch into building Phase II of the orphanage. We’d also like to ask everyone reading this to please consider making a donation no matter how small. Find out more and contribute at this Canada Helps page.

Hardcover Discount Prices

Our price

Increasingly, when you visit our store, you’ll see the handwritten words “Our Price” on hardcover (and sometimes other) books. These discounts are either offered by the store or supported by some of our publishers. They’re not red tags because they’re not part of the Buy-4-get-1-Free offer but they represent our best attempt to remain competitive and save you money.

Spanish - Turn Your Vacation Trip into a Missions Trip

Heading to Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, or any other Spanish-speaking country?? Turn your vacation trip into a mission trip by leaving Spanish New Testaments and Bible promise books for hotel housekeeping staff; tour guides; and people you meet at local markets. We keep about 20-30 of these on hand at any given time; more can be easily ordered.

Not going anywhere? Remember the migrant workers on local farms. (Make sure ahead of time that Spanish is their first language!)

Bibles in many Languages:

We don’t have all the languages in the above image, but we do have in stock Bibles and/or other Christian literature in Spanish, Arabic, German, Chinese (trad.), Chinese (simplified), Italian, French, Tagalog, Persian, Korean, Greek (contemporary), Greek (classical), Japanese, Hindi and others, with access to about 100 more.  (To save you a phone call, Ukrainian is currently unavailable to us.)

  Remember our motto:

Information you need,
by authors who are proven,
from publishers we trust,
at prices you can afford.

Support Independent Bookstores

Did you know that getting the cheapest deal sometimes isn’t the best deal? At Searchlight, we work hard to keep prices low, but we work even harder to ensure you have an amazing experience with us. We want to see your life changed by God’s power and that’s why we run this bookstore, and quite frankly, that’s something online vendors can never offer.

While we too appreciate the convenience and low cost that many big corporate retailers can provide, there are some incredible things that happen when you shop locally. Consider the following:

  • We are passionate about transformation and have become experts in the kinds of teaching and music that can bring change in your life.
  • The products we sell are filtered before they hit our shelves, and if something isn’t right for your doctrinal perspective, we’ll let you know ahead of time.
  • You get to see, touch, feel; interact with the product before you buy. 
  • We’re also customers. Our staff are readers and music buyers.
  • We support the local economy, your money stays here in Canada, and we hire local staff and use local tradespeople. 
  • Surprise! You never know you’ll meet at the store.  You never know what resources you’ll find.
  • The owners don’t take a salary.  No one’s pockets are being lined when you shop here, we just sow everything back into the store.

Please consider supporting Searchlight as your local Christian bookstore, and encourage others to think about the many benefits of buying local.

SEARCHLIGHT CHRISTIAN BOOK OUTLET These are NOT previously enjoyed books, but rather, publisher overstock or recently discontinued titles. Most are 30% to 40% off with free books available on multiple purchases.

How to Browse a Bookstore

Increasingly, browsing is becoming a lost art as computer algorithms and bots tell us what we like and what we should buy based on previous purchases. Remember that often, certain authors and publishers paid for their titles to come to the top of the list, and in the case of Christian books, sometimes the content of the book doesn’t reflect your beliefs at all.

Here’s a better way:

  1. Allow 25 minutes. Yes, there’s such a thing as the “seven-minute quick-browse,” and some have this mastered and can rush in and walk out with some good reading, but for the most part give yourself the better part of a half hour.
  2. Check out the new releases. If you’ve been part of the capital “C” Church for awhile, there should be names you recognize, or if you’re active online, there should be issues of which you’re aware. The bestsellers and new releases represent the cream of the crop.
  3. Find an area of the store which interests you. Classic authors. Commentaries on a particular book of the Bible you’ve wanted to dig deeper into. Biographies on significant Christian people, both dead and living. Books by the top Christian authors who have proven the worth of their writing over the years. Books to deepen your prayer life. Books by younger authors or writers who appeal to next-generation readers. Books which break down the Bible into manageable units to help us see the big picture. Audio books for those who do a lot of driving.
  4. Look at the cover. Yes, you can tell some things about a book by the cover, the title and the subtitle.
  5. Look at the back cover. This is called the “blurb.” (Say that word out loud, and if there’s children in the room, they should laugh or at least stare at you.) The blurb is a summary of what the book has to offer. (On hardcovers it might be on the inside front flap or back flap of the dust jacket.)
  6. Walk to the checkout and say, “I would like to buy this book.” If we know you, and we honestly think it’s not a good fit for you, we’ll tell you. You don’t get that human touch shopping online. Also, we may pause to tell you about similar titles. We’re not trying to run up your bill, we just want you to know your options.
  7. Set aside a time and place to read good Christian books. Some recommend always having a particular chair. With a cup of coffee nearby and your Bible at the ready in case you want to further check something out, you’re ready to embark on a journey which we believe enhances and enriches Christian living.
  8. When you’re finished reading, return to the store and repeat starting at step 1.


We love church librarians!

For church libraries we have a program called 20/200/20 which saves your church money on purchases of 20 in-stock books or $200 worth of in-stock books; or on orders for 20 titles or orders of $200 or more. For churches, on smaller purchases we have a program called WebMatch which competes aggressively with the best online sellers have to offer.

For Paul’s devotional blog visit Christianity 201.

Although we follow a business model, we consider ourselves one of several parachurch ministries operating in our community. PRAYER is always needed, and while you’re remembering us, pray for these ministries operating in our area:

* Northumberland Youth Unlimited (NYFC)
* Christian Horizons
* Salvation Army Family Services Cobourg
* Salvation Army Family Services Port Hope
* Northumberland Christian School
* Northumberland Christian School Thrift Shop
* UCB Radio in Cobourg and Belleville
* Life 100 Radio in Peterborough and Barrie
* Mission Canada (Jeff Snow) outreach to Ontario Tech University and Durham College
* Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp
* Open Table Communities
* Northumberland Promise
* YFC National; Global Engagement (Michele Shutt)
* Packed With Love (outreach of Ritson Road Alliance, Oshawa)
* Camp IAWAH

For a little longer, Searchlight will continue to be a drop-off point for Christian Salvage Mission of Hamilton, Ontario. Overseas missionaries and English-speaking indigenous workers are hungry for materials you or your church are no longer using including: used Christian books, Bibles, hymnbooks Sunday School curriculum, VBS, devotional booklets, etc.

CELEBRATE RECOVERYOngoing program for people dealing with hurts, habits and hangups at The Salvation Army. Tuesdays at 6:30. 

Support These Locally Owned Businesses

We appreciate these local business for their continued assistance to Searchlight.

** Don Bickle Electric — For residential and commercial electrical needs — 905 342 3200

** Penzoil & Skylight Car Wash — Home of the ten minute oil change! Division Street, Cobourg — 905 377 9632

RADIO GUIDE — Pick up a print copy of the Cobourg radio guide at the store.

88.3 — FAMILY LIFE NETWORK (Buffalo, NY)

89.3 — LIFE 100 (repeater of the main Barrie station 100.3 in Peterborough, ON)


99.5 — WDCX-FM (Buffalo, NY)

100.3 — LIFE 100 (Barrie main signal)

100.5 — UCB (Kingston repeater station)

102.3 — UCB  (Belleville, ON)

104.9 — KLOVE  (If you’re west of Belleville, try also 90.1 FM)

S E A R C H L I G H T  —  Now in our 28th YEAR IN COBOURG — 82% of our book intake is (a) publisher overstock and (b) remainder books.   Each title is hand-picked.   Despite this, with the other 23% we’re still able to stock almost all of the Top 100 Christian Fiction and Top 100 Christian Non-Fiction titles. Our “house specialty” is apologetics!

Make a day of it in Cobourg: Here’s the town’s official tourism website, and the municipal website. (And two for neighbouring Port Hope: tourism, municipality.)

THRIFT SHOPS: We have many in Cobourg (and Port Hope), but two have staff and volunteers who are also regular customers of our store:

  1. THRIFT AND THRIVE is an outreach of Northumberland Christian School on the west side of William Street in the same plaza as Cooperators Insurance and Play-It-Again Sports. (609 William Street; open Tues. – Sat. 9:30 – 4:30.) 289-252-1121
  2. MISSION THRIFT STORE is at 975 Elgin Street West, in the plaza on the southwest corner of Burnham and Elgin St. W.  (289) 252-2299 

► Want to start a Christian store in your town? If someone is serious about starting a store anywhere in Ontario, please talk to us. With 46 years Christian retail experience and 26½ years of owning 3 bookstores, Paul can help turn a complicated process into a simple turn-key possibility. If he isn’t at the store that day, be sure to leave your contact information.

Want to buy our store or our inventory? Seriously! If someone is truly aware of the challenges facing our industry but has both a passion for Christian books and a desire to take it to the next level, we’d love to talk.

We get this page for free, so occasionally you may see advertising on this page which does not originate with us…

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Searchlight is two stores in one: A full service Christian bookstore AND a Christian book outlet store! We're at 884 Division Street in Cobourg (it's a highway exit) just three quick stoplights south of Highway 401.
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