We want to be your source, provide advice on your selection, and stay in relationship with you, even if means we don’t make money on your purchase.

Five years ago we made a big change by introducing our WebMatch program.  Churches and people requesting multiple copies of a book for their small group no longer have to send us the URL by email; you just have to state, “We’d like this to be a WebMatch order.”  We’ll look at three different sites, do the comparison and confirm the final cost.  Plus Facebook Friends and newsletter subscribers can request WebMatch even on a single title.

Once again here are the program highlights:

  • no minimum
  • price is locked in for 30 days, so if someone new joins your group, they get the same rate
  • over-the-counter exchange on damaged and mis-bound titles (it happens)
  • you get to practice good stewardship and support the marketplace ministry of the local store
  • you’re not supporting online vendors like A-zon who sell products that contradict your faith and core principles
  • dozens and dozens of paperback editions from Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Baker, Gospel Light, etc. not available through the large American Christian distributor
  • informed assistance from trained and experience staff that you won’t get online

So please, ask your church where they are buying your group’s materials, and if it’s not Searchlight’s WebMatch, ask them why not?  Here’s our own ministry philosophy:

NLT Gal 6:10 Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone—especially to those in the family of faith.