This page is here in perpetuity, we currently do not have a position available.

We’re looking for someone who loves Christian books and music and Bibles and wants to share that passion with others

Searchlight Books is looking for someone immediately who can fit our “needle in a haystack” job profile.

  • First, we’re looking for someone who is already a customer.   We hire strictly from our customer base because we know these people already have a passion for the products we sell.    They should be someone well known to our staff
  • The particular job at issue right now involves WE CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE ANY OPENINGS IN COBOURG.
  • We deal with people facing life issues, so this should not be a student
  • They should have some retail experience and be good with math & numbers
  • They should be confident in their faith to the point of being willing and proactive to reach out to others to discuss their needs or pray with them in the store
  • They need to be comfortable dealing with the non-Christians and “fringe” Christians who come in the store
  • They should be familiar with the worship styles of local Churches and willing to refer people to the place that is their “best fit”
  • They should be a reader; someone who knows books and loves books
  • They should be comfortable and non prejudicial with the variety of Bible translations available
  • They should be comfortable and non prejudicial with the variety Christian music available
  • They should be able to lift occasional heavy boxes weighing up to 45 lbs
  • They should be comfortable working in conditions that are sometimes hectic in an environment that is sometimes very cluttered
  • They should see this as a potentially long-term opportunity, not a stop-gap or seasonal job
  • They should be comfortable working for wages that are less than what they might obtain in the secular working world
  • Communicating with part time staff is a challenge; applicants should have an active, working e-mail account

Don’t ask much, do we?   In Brockville, Lindsay and Cobourg we’ve employed 41 people over the past 18 years.    Almost all have been a good fit and only left because they were moving on to other places or greater ministry opportunities.

A standard resumé is helpful, but not required as we have an online pre-interview questionnaire.

Mission opportunities begin right at our doorstep; right here in our own community.