Until the world returns to normal, we’ve had to suspend this program, as even our own deliveries are not currently being directed to our store.

Have you ever sat at work wondering if a small parcel delivering to your home is safe from theft? Or if it’s been left outside the door and blown away? We want to offer something to our regular customers as a free service on a trial basis. Have your order shipped to our store instead and pick it up on your lunch hour or on your way home from work. The rules are simple:

  1. Small parcels only.
  2. Make sure when you place your order online to include your name, our business name and our full address*
  3. **Important** Phone or email us so we’ve got your name, phone contact info, and who the parcel is coming from.
  4. No CODs. 
  5. No U.S. orders with customs duties and taxes owing
  6. We do not provide a signature to Canpar and Purolator and not always with UPS.
  7. Pick it up as soon as possible.
  8. Nothing liquid, chemical, corrosive, explosive, illegal, etc.
  9. Out of respect to the store, nothing from Amazon, Abe Books, CBD, Chapters, etc. unless it’s something we can’t get.
  10. No charge for this service to regular customers.

*[Your] [Name]
c/o Searchlight
884 Division Street, Unit 102
Cobourg  K9A 5V3