Imagine our surprise when we put this giftware page together, only to find everything we had listed previously was gifts under $10. We should have called it “novelties.” Anyway, we do have some very nice wall decor, crosses for both walls and tabletops, picture frames, and plaques. But the selection is always changing.

Be sure to see our selection of scented Candles.

Budget-Priced Mugs!

We have at least two of each of the styles shown above, and unlike the special two weeks ago, we’re confident that these can be ordered for you if we run out! Only $10.99 in matching gift boxes.

Renew a classic family tradition with Dayspring Promise Boxes. Left to right: $10.99; $7.99; $9.99. All are KJV, but hey, guys, it’s only one verse!


We invite our customers to consider an alternative to the traditional gift bag. For the same money — sometimes even less — you can give a plastic or canvas tote bag which becomes a second gift. We now have thirty-five different designs in stock. They start at only $3.99 with some at $4.99 to $8.99 If you wish, you can add tissue as you would with a gift bag.

These wooden crosses make a great bulk purchase item:

The little wooden cross pendants (necklaces) are a great bargain; a bestseller at Searchlight for years. Great gifts for tweens, teens and young adults; though not recommended for small children. If you need a quantity, let us know so we have time to string them.

Prayer Life cork-backed coasters. Only $2.99 each (enclose one in a card) While they last!

Leaving the house in the morning is complicated. You make sure you’ve got your wallet, keys, cellphone, face mask (that’s a new one!), water bottle… did I miss anything?

Many people also practice the tradition of carrying a cross in their pocket. These 3½-inch crosses come in three colours and are a daily reminder of who we are and to whom we belong. $5.50 each.


Prayer Cubes

Prayer Cubes are a fun — as in don’t take this practice too seriously — novelty product. You roll the prayer cube and pray the cube which comes up on top. The most popular of the three styles is “Mealtime Prayers.” The prayers themselves are okay, it’s just that “rolling the dice” isn’t how most of us want to approach talking to God. This also makes a great gag gift for the academic or theologian whose idea of prayer is slightly more scholarly…
…And they’re only $2.99.



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• Rummikub
• Rummikub Large Tile Edition
• Triominoes
• Word for Word
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• Scopa
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• Rook
• Dutch Blitz
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• Decalogue (The Ten Commandments Game)
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